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For ages 3 years- 6th grade

Sunday nights: 6:00pm - 7:35pm
September - April
Contact: Karen

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General Information:

Awana is a worldwide, non-denominational youth ministry that is over 50 years old. The name Awana is derived from the key Bible verse (2 Tim. 2:15), and stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed. Its goal is to introduce children to salvation through Jesus Christ and encourage their growth in the Lord through Bible memory verses. Awana strives to do this in an exciting and fun-filled atmosphere.

Awana is open to all children in the community, and though it is in no way required that you attend our church, your entire family is always welcome here.


Awana is actually three clubs in one:  


Every Cubbie Awana night activity is structured around the Bible lesson for the week. Their nights start with a quiet “coming in time” craft. Every club night includes a Bible story, workbook time to recite the week’s verse, awards and a snack time. Also, Cubbies have their own game time geared to their age group. Parents should help their Cubbie come prepared to recite their verse for that week.

Sparks and T&T

Sparks, and T&T, each have their own handbook, game time, and award time each club night. All of these groups are combined for an entertaining story time. The Bible message is an important focus of the night, and we often have a great deal of fun together in this segment as well. These clubbers work on their handbooks at their own pace, and should come prepared from home ready to recite their memorized verses each week.

Awana Special Events:

Every year we have special planned events, including a Giant Banana Split Night, a Christmas party which may include an informal nativity play, the Awana Grand Prix pinewood derby race in Feb., and the carnival fair night for the last club night. Often other special events are planned during the year as well.

The Awana Christmas Program

The Awana Grand Prix

The Awana Grand Prix™ is a Pinewood-Derby®-style racing event with a 45-year-plus track record of fun and excitement. Not only that, the Awana Grand Prix provides an ideal platform for churches to present the gospel message.
Clubbers create their very own Grand Prix race cars from kits consisting of a block of wood and a set of wheels and axles. They then go head-to-head with other clubbers' cars on race day. Prior to the start of the race is a time for a brief devotional, in which the message of the gospel can be presented. The top designs and fastest cars receive special awards while all competing clubbers earn a participation ribbon.
Non-churched family members, especially dads, can't resist a fun event that involves their children (and a little woodworking). Your club will gain a much needed "mid-year boost" of interest an involvement. Most importantly, you'll sow the seeds of the good news and bring parents into the greatest winner's circle of them all.


Awards are an important part of Awana. By learning Bible verses (completing sections of their handbooks), each club earns particular awards. Cubbies earn patches for their uniforms. Sparks earn red, green, and blue jewels for their uniform wings. 
Sparks and T&T clubbers also earn 1 Awana dollar for each completed section. Awana dollars are play money that buy real toys twice a year at the Awana store. Cubbies are given 10-15 dollars to spend at the store as well.
There are also book awards which are ribbons or trophies for completing entire books and further awards for other achievements. These big awards are given in our year-end awards ceremony. Remember to finish a book in a club year, the Spark and T&T clubber should average no less than 2-3 sections per week. Cubbies need only do one section per week.

Awana Website:

For more information on Awana or to locate nearby clubs anywhere in the U.S. or abroad go to: If locating another club go to their website then click “about us” then “club finder.”


Giant Banna Split Night