2018 Sanctuary Remodel


dedication & celebration 
October 21st 10:00am

Potluck to follow

We are starting our renovation of our Sancturary. Therefore, we need to give our Pews to a good home.

We are glad to announce that our pews have a new home.


Reinforce the stage.

Remove the old Sound Booth.

Some of the classrooms are getting a facelift too.


Building a bigger stage.

The pews went to a new home.

Getting the Fellowship Hall ready for Sunday Services.



It doesn't look like much, but hundreds of feet of CAT6 networking wires were ran.


Dry wall is up.
over 1,000 feet of wire has been ran.
3 nights in a row past 11:00pm.


Stage Floor is being put down.
Dry wall is being patched.
Ends are being added to the cables.


New Windows & New Chairs


The rest of the chairs arrived!

09/17/18 Painting Begins

09/22/18 More low voltage wiring, and the monitors go up.

09/22/18 the chairs get their card holders.

09/29/18 the speakers and rear TVs go up.

10/06/18 the carpet went down.