Spaghetti Dinner

All, I thought I'd share a little more info about the spaghetti dinner planned after church on Sunday, September 24 (right after church).
First, this is a donation only dinner. That means you drop money in a bucket if you want to and the Young at Heart group will turn it over to the church to be used for classroom renovations! Easy-peezy, right?
The meal consists of spaghetti, salad, bread and butter, beverages and a piece of cake for dessert. Cooked spaghetti, beverages, etc will be provided by Young at Heart.
Sauces are being solicited from the membership for a contest! One sauce entry per person in one of three categories, marinara (vegetarian included), meat, or white (cheesy). Bring your favorite sauce to the kitchen before 10:45 on Sunday the 24th. Only sauces arriving by that time will be entered in the contest. This number one rule is to allow the YaH set up team to complete final preparations. Everyone who comes to eat will have the opportunity to vote. Voting will be by "ticket in the jar" in front of the individual sauces. Highest number of tickets will take first, second or third place accordingly. Prizes include a special wooden spoon and gift card.
The dessert auction will progress throughout the meal. Submissions should be in take home ready containers and wrapped if necessary. Cookies, cupcakes and other small servings should be in already separated smaller parcels (4, 6 pieces) or prepared to sell as a lot.
There will be a kitchen basket raffle, free to all adults and a special raffle for kids, again, FREE! FBCG cookbooks will be offered for sale.
Did I miss anything? Write me an email and I'll see if I can fill in the blank! Looking forward to enjoying this day with you all (did I mention it's my birthday?) and seeing our classroom renovation fund grow!