Young at Heart

Young at Heart is an active, fun group of retirees over the age of 55.

On the 3rd Thursday each month, FBCG Young at Heart members serve lunch at Stowe mission. Chuck Kruger and Tom Powell shop on Wednesday. The church considers this a mission program and provides everything for the meal.

We meet the 4th Thursday of each month, do a variety of activities and have a good time of fellowship. The time may vary depending on the activity, but generally we start around 11:15 am.


February 2020

January 2020

01/30/20 Young at Heart Lunch and birthday party at the Longhorn Stakehouse.

June 2019

So far in June - Young at Heart members visited with Bertie Johnson and Jean McCullough. Both ladies are well. Shirley, Joy, Bunny and Cheryl prepared a tea for Ms Bert at her home. She enjoyed the company and looks forward to the next visit!

Ms Jean is at The Ashford on Broad street but hoping to be back home soon. She gets to visit for two days beginning June 19 as a trial. Bunny, Sharon Hildreth and Cheryl visited with a fried chicken lunch.

Addresses for both ladies are in the directory or can be provided by email or text.

May 2019

In May, Young at Heart members visited with Dick Helton. We found Dick in great spirits and shared a good meal with him and family. Dick shared with us special memories of his time in the military including a recent letter from an old friend. That letter included a letter Dick had mailed to him from Japan detailing his time there. What a treat to read Dicks own words from 70 years ago! Thank you Dick for your service! (We recently visited with Bertie Johnson and have planned a visit with Ms Jean for next week.)

April 18, 2019

Shopping for, preparing, and serving around 300 meals your FBCG Stowe Mission group at work! Stowe is located in south Columbus on Parsons Avenue. We serve the third Thursday of each month and for less than $200 we provide Stowe Stew, cole slaw, buttered bread, crackers, cookies, lemonade or coffee and paper ware for 200-250 meals.

March 28, 2019

Attendees left to right around the table. Richard Purdy, Shirley Barnes, Joy Atwood, Barb Peyton, Bill Peyton, Rick Reynolds, Chuck Kruger, Tom Powell (picture taker) Cheryl Powell, Clelia Combs, Sharon Hildreth, Ramona Hitchens, and Wilma Purdy.

Your looking at a really active Christian group who eats a lot, cooks for Stowe Mission, cooks for church activities, have great times meeting the Fourth Thursday every month, and want to invite other 55 and old to join us.

February 14, 2019

We will celebrate January and February birthdays and Valentines together! Plan to arrive at 11:30 with favorite snack food in hand!

Seventeen attended this combined January/February “game day” event. Everyone brought appetizers to share for lunch and the Purdy’s brought chocolate covered strawberries! Our devotion discussed the role and purpose of the older people in the church. Wisdom comes with age and the example we set helps guide the next generation as they move in the church.

Phase Ten, Sequence, and Yahtzee games were played. Bob proved to be Champion of Phase 10. Wilma and Richard took the first game of Sequence, and Sandy beat the guys at Yahtzee. Prizes were given and good fellowship was had by all! See pictures below.

Plan to join us in March when we celebrate spring and St. Patrick’s day with a “green” brunch!

February 11, 2019

Did you know that FBCG Senior Group members are also part of the Kitchen Staff? Our activities include serving at Stowe and during church events including special meals or potlucks, and funeral visitation or service. Today we were privileged to serve the Justice family. Those working this event include, left to right, Wilma and Richard Purdy, Joy Atwood, Chuck Kruger, Tom Powell, Angie Pistone, Sharon McKenzie, Shirley Barnes and Cheryl Powell.

If you are not a member of this church organization, consider joining us and don’t miss out on a important service and great fellowship time.

December 6, 2018

We served a meatloaf and pulled pork dinner with all the extras, especially apple sauce!

Our annual gift exchange was filled Christmas socks in which SOMEBODY liked their own sock so much, they kept it for themself!

20 ppl attended including three guests

If you are retired or senior or just want to be part of a fun group, come join us the 4th Thursday of every month!

(June 28, 2018)

Liberty Tavern Powell, OH

Attendees included:
Tom and Cheryl Powell, Chuck Kruger, Wilma and Richard Purdy, Joy Atwood, Shirley Barnes, David and RuthAnn Hyder, Clelia Combs, Nancy West, Ramona Hitchens

(05/25/18) Twenty four senior peeps met at the Powell’s for the Annual Memorial Day picnic. What a wonderful time we all had. It is such a rewarding fellowship as we if get to know our fellow senior christians. Food was plentiful and fantastic. Shirley Barnes started our senior group about 2 years. At first, only 2 people attended, that being Shirley and Joy Atwood. The group has grown each month as more and more seniors (over 55) got involved until we set a record today at 24. Our group has become a very dynamic ministry at First Baptist Church Gahanna.

Attendees: Tom and Cheryl Powell, Bob and Vickie Schooner, Jim Johnson, Angie and Barb Pistone, Richard and Wilma Purdy, Carl Evans, Shirley Barnes, Joy Atwood, Tom and Diane Dove, Concepta DeCarlo, Clelia Combs, Nancy, Chuck Kruger, Debbie Brown, Bunny Neal, Pat Scalf

(10/26/17)  meeting of Young at Heart is a visit to and tour of Stowe Mission! This is your opportunity to see what the Stowe ministry is all about, what is offered by way of service to people in need. You may be aware that members of the church and some friends of the church have been crocheting and knitting hats and scarves all year to present to Stowe. We noticed during the winter months last year that a number of Stowe clients did not have these hats, scarves or gloves. Shirley put the word out and the yarn needles went to work! We will be presenting these items to Stowe during our visit. Following the visit, we will fellowship at Schmidt's Sausage House in German Village.
27 scarves and 27 hats made for our Young at Heart Group (First Baptist Church of Gahanna) by Ramona Hitchens to be donated tomorrow. Thanks to Shirley Barnes for prompting us to use our talents to help others. Also, thanks to Sharon McKenzie for donating yarn. If you are interested in adding to our donation, gloves and mittens of all sizes are needed. Gently used and new please! Looking forward to hearing from you! Must know by 10/22 if you are going, can drive or need a ride!

On the 3rd Thursday each month, FBCG Young at Heart members serve lunch at Stowe mission. Chuck Kruger and Tom Powell shop on Wednesday. The church considers this a mission program and provides everything for the meal.  
Chuck and Tom meet at Skyline Chili for lunch then go to the church and prepare beef stew to serve close to 250 meals. The church furnishes salad, crackers, cookies and drinks to compliment the beef stew. We also provide all flatware, cups, and dishes.
At 9:20 on Thursday morning we meet at the church, load the car, and car pool to Stowe Mission on Parsons Avenue (just south of Children's Hospital). After arriving at Stowe, we prepare the food, cut the bread, and get ready to serve. Once we have sampled the feast, we fellowship and show gods love with less fortunate members of the community Today we served 249 meals.
If you are retired, a senior, or a younger Christian and want to get in on the fun, fellowship, and service see Chuck or Tom. You would not believe how rewarding it is to partake in this activity.
  • Joy, Shirley, and Cheryl preparing the salad
  • Barb, Tom, and Chuck preparing the beef stew
  • Bob getting the drinks ready.

(09/24/17) Shirley, Cheryl and I want to thank everyone for coming out to the Young at Heart Spaghetti Dinner after church September 24. Huge thanks go out to Bunny Neal, Barb Pistone, Joy Atwood and Chuck Krueger for their hard work and dedication to this project. Special thanks to everyone who helped set up and clean up!
We raised $494 to add to the classroom renovation fund. More than 60 people attended and we had seven sauce entries to our contest. There were more than 20 entries in the dessert auction!
The adult raffle basket was won by John Brown and Emma Frazier took home the kids basket.
We had lots of fun and want to make sure we recognize everyone that brought baked goods, including free cake(!), sauce, bread, dressings...and, everyone that fellowshipped and had dinner with us, helped set up tables, clean up afterwards! We could not have done this without you!
We are blessed to be part of a loving church family and to work together as seniors to promote such a good cause. Thank you again.

A trip to the Amish Country of Ohio 08/24/17.

Please check the church's "Events Page" up-an-coming Young At Heart outings.