Food Forest Ministry 

Growing Wholesome Sustainable Food through Meaningful Work & Christian Community


The Food Forest Ministry offers the church access to fresh, wholesome nourishment through sustainably grown produce.


Giving is central to the Food Forest Ministry, which enriches our community by supplying fresh, seasonal produce to those in need through the local food bank.


The Food Forest's sustainable agricultural practices represent the ministry's commitment to engaging in wise stewardship and supporting healthy lives.


Through the camaraderie of meaningful work, the Food Forest Ministry fosters Fellowship and community grounded in a shared appreciation for the beauty and bounty of God's creation.

Ministry Leaders 

Matthew  Hoenig

Jessie  HOENIG 

Matthew and Jessie are the ministry leaders of the food forest. Anchored in faith and prayer, they are passionate about agriculture and committed to community support and sustainable stewardship of God's creation. Matthew and Jessie aren't just focused on growing crops; they are also dedicated to nurturing relationships and fostering fellowship within the body of Christ. Their vision is to cultivate a sustainable, flourishing space where faith, community, and stewardship converge to provide wholesome food for the church and those in need. Join them in sowing the seeds of connection and reaping the harvest of a vibrant, faith-centered community.


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